Professional Summary (October 2004)




Rolf E. Schliewen is an experienced manager of technology and organizations. His current position is President of RES Policy Research Inc. (RES Inc.), a firm in public policy research and software. He formed RES Inc. in 1980 and operated it until 1995. RES Inc. became a public company, named RES International Inc. (Symbol RESIF). Rolf Schliewen held the position of President and CEO until 1999, when the shareholders voted a merger and changed the name to Online Direct Inc. (ODI, Symbol YDI). After a spin-off from ODI, RES Inc. is again a private firm performing policy consulting and holding software assets. Rolf Schliewen and Martin Laplante are the owners.


Rolf Schliewen's background includes military service, university teaching and research, management in a corporation, and entrepreneurship in small businesses for the last twenty years. He has published research monographs, a number of papers, and has written essays for public radio. His professional work has been in consultancy - the analysis of public policy programs, program evaluation, program design, quantitative research, and comprehensive audits (effectiveness). His customers include many departments of the Federal Government. Rolf Schliewen developed expertise in the modernization of public sector organizations which use formal procedures and employ document management systems and workflow. He supervised software development projects in this area. He is a strong analyst of the logic and method of research.


Rolf Schliewen performed contracts for the modernization of intellectual property offices, in Canada (Canadian Intellectual Property Office, CIPO), and overseas (Russia, China, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Mexico). Rolf Schliewen's current effort is devoted to bringing to market the internet products of RES Inc., and in consulting.






Born: September 17, 1939

Citizenship: Canadian (since 1975)

Security: Secret (Top Secret qualified)

Languages: English, German; French and Spanish (limited);




1959 Classical State School Berlin (distinction)

1962 Air Force, Federal Republic of Germany, Commission

1968 Air Force, Air Defence Forces, Captain (Res.)

1966 Free University Berlin, BA, Sociology, Economics

1968 Vanderbilt University, TN. MA, Sociology, Economics

1969 Vanderbilt U., PhD Prelims (passed with distinction, thesis not completed, results published)

1978 Canadian and U.S. pilot licenses (private)




1966-67 Fulbright / German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Scholarship, USA (Vanderbilt U., Nashville, TN)

1968 Russell Sage Foundation, Doctoral Research Grant, 'Technical Change in Multi-Divisional Industrial Organizations'

1969 Joseph Kennedy Foundation, 'Transfer of Power under the Constitution,' quadrennial award to top foreign graduates of U.S. universities.


Publications (selected)


1977 R. E. Schliewen, A Leisure Study Canada 1975/Les Loisirs au Canada 1975. Research Monograph commissioned by Arts and Culture Branch, Secretary of State. Comstat Consulting Ltd., Ottawa, ON, 1977 (dist. by Supply and Services Canada).


1979 R. E. Schliewen, "Technical Change in a 'Federal' Industrial Organization," pp. 147-167 in R. P. Mohan (ed.), Management and Complex Organizations in Comparative Perspective. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1979.

1979 R. E. Schliewen, National Night-Time Study of Drinking and Driving. Re-Analysis of the 1975 Survey results with a novel statistical technique (segmentation). Bilingual research monograph, published by Transport Canada (TC - Road Safety Branch), 1979.

1970s Papers given at U.S. and Canadian professional meetings. Subjects in organization design, goal setting, and the relationship between effectiveness and efficiency. Review essays on books, for example, Review of G. Hartfiel, Wirtschaftliche und soziale Rationalitaet (Economic and Social Rationality). Ferdinand Enke Verlag Stuttgart, 1968. Published in Zeitschrift fuer die gesamte Staatswissenschaft (ZgesStW), 1970.


Essays on public policy issues and religious subjects, German public radio, CBC.





2001- President, RES Policy Research Inc. (RES Inc.)

1999- 2001 VP Business Development, Online Direct Inc.

1980- President, RES Policy Research Inc.; President and CEO, RES International Inc. (1995-99) - merged with Online Direct Inc. in 1999, continuing as RES Inc., a private company.

1976-80 VP Research, Comstat Consulting Ltd., Ottawa

1973-76 Project Leader, CANSIM; Asst. Director of Sales, SMA Inc., a Power Corporation Company, Ottawa and Montreal

1971-73 Asst. Professor, Dalhousie U., Halifax, NS

1969-71 Asst. Professor, U. of Guelph, Guelph, ON

1967-69 Teaching Assistant, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

1959-65 Air Force, Federal Republic of Germany


1. Information Technology Projects


RES Purchaser and Cybermall (

Electronic commerce products for public sector purchasing and community based shopping malls. Based on RES-REACH (TM), a product of RES Inc. for Internet access to databases. Introduced at the COMDEX show in Nevada, 1997. Product definition, development plan, and requirements. Current software products: LookWAYup (at and LinkS-wap (


Visible Earth Resources Identification and Diagnosis System (VERID)

Statistical and computing methods for the analysis of remote sensing data (satellite and airborne). Funded by RES Inc. with partial contributions from the NRC. Now used by SMA Inc. (Dr. Jean-Jacques Fortier).


Canadian Patent Office (CPO, now CIPO)

About thirty projects for a comprehensive modernization program. Senior consultant, team leader, project manager. Subjects included all elements of the systems development life cycle (SDLC), including technology assessment, vendor qualification and pre-selection, business case analysis, feasibility, and advice to the Department (CCAC) on the Treasury Board submission. Rolf Schliewen defined and commissioned funded pilots to assess the ability of industry to meet needs of the most demanding document management project undertaken in Canada in the 1990s.


Lobbyists Registration Branch (LRB)

Development and support of the first image-based document management system installed by the Government of Canada (CCAC), 1989.


Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC - CMS II)

RES Inc. designed and developed the legal case management system (CMS) for the CHRC. The system supports 200 employees in seven regions and handles about 10,000 pending cases (ORACLE, Unix), 1991/94.


Renfrew County Tourism Kiosk System

Rolf Schliewen was the Project Manager for a program funded by Ontario, that aimed to develop and install interactive computer kiosks in Renfrew County. Modern image processing and electronic commerce application. Detailed knowledge of the regional business community was developed, 2001-2004.


2. Overseas Projects



Project manager in a CIDA-funded project to plan and justify the modernization of the Russian Patent Office. Feasibility and business case analysis. Information systems development plan. Backfile conversion plan. Assessment of the quality of Russian patents under Western standards (statistical sample), 1993-95.



Intellectual Property System Modernization: Feasibility and project plan. Funded by Japan and Colombia. Contract administered by the World Bank, 1996/7.



Intellectual Property Office Modernization projects. Planning and feasibility studies, software projects, and business analyses. Multiple country visits. Funded by CIDA (China, Venezuela, Colombia) and RES Inc, 1993/6.



Intellectual Property Office Modernization: Feasibility and business case analysis. Rolf Schliewen developed the methodology for investment analysis of IP offices called PATPLAN (c), 1994. Partially funded by CIDA.



An organizational modernization project for the Russian Standards Organization (GOSSTANDART). Funded by RES Inc. and CIDA. Sr. Consultant, then Project Manager, 1996/7.


Express Ceramica

RES Inc. obtained the NAFTA region marketing rights for a Russian patented process of making ceramic materials from standard clay without a high temperature calcination. Rolf Schliewen took over the project personally and obtained an American patent for the process. Market introduction is underway.


Business Representation - Defence

Rolf Schliewen is the Canadian agent for SIMAGINE, a consortium of SIEMENS Netherlands and SIMTECH of Tel Aviv. Major project: computer simulation and training systems for the modernization of the Canadian fleet of tanks, 1996-2002.



3. Policy Research (selected projects)


Cultural Industries

Rolf Schliewen was the project leader and principal researcher on a number of statistical studies into leisure, the attendance at performing arts, and the active pursuit of leisure activities vs. 'passive' leisure such as watching TV. The work was funded by the Arts and Culture Branch, Secretary of State, and the Department of Communications, and resulted in publications and policy decisions to fund performing arts in Canada. RES Inc. performed the national data collection for the first Time Budget Survey in Canada (1981, STC, CEIC, and KMPG).


Effectiveness of Canada Employment Centres and the CEIC Programs

Acting under contract to CEIC, RES Inc. performed several studies and analyses of the results of Canada's job creation, job training, and unemployment insurance programs. One major project was the national survey of the Record of Employment (ROE), under subcontract to the Bureau of Management Consulting (BMC). Res Inc. designed an ongoing survey of the effectiveness of CECs.


Metric Conversion Program

Rolf Schliewen managed several program evaluation and policy studies of the ongoing metric conversion program, under contract to the Metric Commission Canada (MCC), and the Program Evaluation Branch of Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada (CCAC). One such project was a national survey of the status and outlook of metric conversion in the U.S., conducted by RES under Canadian sponsorship with Joseph Coates Associates Inc. of Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C., as subcontractor. The other one was the key Metric Phase-out Study of Canada (1985/6), which justified the decision to suspend state support for the metric program as it was proven that the conversion process was irreversible.


Industry Programs

Rolf Schliewen has done continuous business with ITC, DREE/DRIE, MIST, and Industry Canada in their various forms. Subject areas: design and plan for a national inventory of tourism resources; Energy Conservation (EMR and ITC), Office of Special Import Permits (OSIP); Establishment Database in Information Management Branch (IMB); information systems work for Program for Export Market Development (PEMD), and for the Business Opportunities Sourcing System (B.O.S.S.). He conducted for Industry Canada two national surveys on the demand for, and supply of, trained professionals in industrial design.



Comprehensive Audits

Rolf Schliewen worked as a member of two comprehensive audit teams for the Office of the Auditor General (OAG), assisting on the effectiveness components of the comprehensive audits of Supply Administration, and Services Administration of the Department of Supply and Services (DSS). Writing of chapters in the Annual Reports of the OAG.


Organizational Design

Rolf Schliewen was selected by the ADM, Corporate Management Sector, DSS, to conduct organizational reviews and re-design engagements, one for the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), and the other for the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES) of DSS. Rolf Schliewen was the project manager in the planning phase of a project to modernize the Corporations Branch (CCAC) by automating their paper files; this system is now known as DISCO. Rolf Schliewen conducted an operational audit of the information systems directorate of Secretary of State, DG of Administration and Finance.


Program Evaluation

Rolf Schliewen and senior employees of RES Inc. conducted a number of program evaluation studies and evaluability assessments for the program evaluation branches of various departments: Indian and Northern Affairs, Health and Welfare, Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Employment and Immigration, Secretary of State/Multiculturalism, Communications (DOC)/Arts and Culture Branch, Canadian Museum Corporation/National Science and Technology Museum, and the Cabinet Board of Management of Ontario. Methods of elite and specialized interviewing were developed.


Transportation / Social Research

Rolf Schliewen performed a statistical analysis of the largest roadside survey of drinking and driving conducted in Canada in the 70s and 80s, using new methods of segmentation analysis, and prepared a research monograph. Results were published in a bilingual report of Transport Canada (1979).

National Surveys of Demand and Supply Side of a Market

Rolf Schliewen designed and directed two national surveys of the supply of, and demand for, the industrial design profession in Canada. Industry Canada, 1988.