RES Policy Research Inc. (RES Inc.) - Company Summary

RES Inc. began in business as a consulting firm in public policy analysis and research, but later became better known for its software development and application service provider (ASP) services. RES Inc. is incorporated under Canadian federal law. Rolf E. Schliewen formed RES Inc. in 1980. Dr. Martin Laplante is the partner in charge of software development and urban modeling.


Key people of RES Inc. have records of successful work for public agencies, mostly in the Government of Canada. Engagements covered quantitative aspects of public policy, often involving computing, organization studies, and program evaluation. Subjects included native affairs, unemployment insurance, defense, consumer protection, government travel, the Auditor General, purchasing, justice, and health and welfare. An example: during the Reagan Administration, under contract to Canada, RES Inc. conducted a national survey on the status and outlook for metric conversion in American industry. Based on U.S. results, RES Inc. performed the final evaluation of the metric program in Canada. More recent examples include developing policy for changes to residential mortgage laws, Results-Based Management and Accountability Frameworks (RMAFs), and urban density modeling.

RES Inc. entered the field of document management and specialized in the modernization of intellectual property offices. This line of business took RES Inc. from Canada to several countries, including Russia, China, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia (supported by CIDA), and Argentina. Software development began with research into algorithms for finding documents in large files, such as patent documents. RES Inc. staff has publications in this area and one U.S. software patent (pending).

Digital Services

Current products and services: LookWAYup © is a proprietary software and database, and web service (see for desktop, mobile, embedded, and wap. The multilingual LookWAYup dictionary  is used around the world, and has attracted customers among major mobile telecom firms, including Vodafone, British Telecom O2, Orange, Cingular, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, SingTel Mobile, and many others. Its unique database includes several languages, semantic information, ontology, and semantic concordance.

Another mobile product of RES Inc. is TheirTime ©, a facility that shows mobile telephone customers the time at the destination of long distance calls before a call is placed. Current original development is in an expert system for document search across several languages.

Other web properties and databases include the Reference.MD medical encyclopedia, a comprehensive medical reference site aimed at health professionals and available for free without registration. With about a quarter million pages, Reference.MD organizes and cross-references all medical concepts, and introduces an interactive tree-based Medical Concept Navigator. It includes links to original references in the medical literature, and full drug and and drug adverse reaction data.

Specialized dictionaries include What is the definition of, a simple dictionary for readers and the Definition site, a dictionary site aimed at writers, with tons of published usage examples and ranked rhymes. Smaller dictionary databases cover specialized topics and other languages, and the Topic Spotter uses lexical and semantic clues to classify documents by topic.

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